Nautilus Series

Category: Storage (Below Ceiling)

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20 Litres Storage Capacity
New Flat Slim Type
High Impact Resistant ABS Body
Adjustable Thermostat
Separate Water Discharge Port
Selectable Power Input

Magnesium Anode

Multifunction Valve

Triple Power Input

Temperature Control Knob

Triple Safety System

Pilot Lamp

Polyurethane Insulation

Thermal Cutout

High Working Pressure

High Precision Thermostat

Blue Diamond Enamel Coating

Enamelled Inlet/Outlet

Whirlflow Technology

CFC Free Insulation

Technical Specification

Impact Resistant Body Material

Made of Acrylonoitrile- Butadiene Styrene (ABS) with excellent impact resistance and toughness

Blue Diamond Enameled Tank

The ultimate protection against rust and corrosion, Blue Diamond Enamel Coating
layer provides several times the corrosion resistance
compared to standard inner tank designs.

Energy Saving High Density
Foam Insulation

CFC free polyurethane insulation design, with complete protection
against radiant heat loss.

Super-alloy Heating Element

Incoloy 840 heating element, offers superior heating performance with
extended life span and minimum energy losses.

Heavy Duty Anode Rod

Magnesium anode with steel core, protects Blue Diamond Enameled
Tank from rust and corrosion.

Water Tube with Whirlflow Technology

Smart water tubes system ensure no immediate direct contact between cold &
hot water for faster heating and maximum energy saving.

Double Isolation Barrier

Elongate water pathway, turning it into a non-conductive current
pathway thus increasing electricity leakage protection

Pressure Relief Valve

Automatically relieves and discharges water in case the
temperature or pressure overshoots the preset limits

Temperature Control

Adjustable automatic thermostat (25°C to 75°C),
with integrated thermal safety cut off.

Multilayer Safety Protections

Protects against over-temperature, over-pressure, water refluence,
dry heating and electrical leakage.

Form Factor

Space saving design. All brackets and mounting accessories are included,
5-bolt flange provides easy access for product maintenance


5 Years for tank, 1 year for other parts


IEC CB Certificate by SGS & MS Certificate by SIRIM QAS International